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when the actual lay-offs occur it will be more like several hundred. no doubt the process will be painful for everyone involved. >> it is devastating for this organization. >> reporter: oakland administrator santana confirmed, more than half of her city's staff employees will receive lay-off notices, starting next week. more than 1500 pink slips. >> we have a workforce that will be reduced in a short period of time without the normal engagement process that the city has put in place in the past. >> reporter: santana says it has to be done after the state supreme court decision supporting the disbanding of redevelopment agencies in oakland a loss of 25 to 30 million dollars per year. redevelopment dollars fund 150 nine fulltime positions. the -- 159 fulltime positions. union leaders say the huge
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number is heavy handed and unnecessary. you think is premature? >> yes. and i think it is a lack of information. i think it is a lack of planning. i think we can go about this better without upsetting the entire workforce. >> they are making it far more broad than they need to, than it should be. we are hoping they retract those letters that are going out and take a more thoughtful approach. >> reporter: wendy has worked in parks and recreation for 17 years. do you know whether you will get one of these? >> i don't know. i kind of like not on egg shells, just kind of like with wondering what will i do if it happens to me too? >> reporter: one other note, redevelopment dollars pay for more than the agency itself. 17 oakland police officers are paid for out of that money. the officers cannot be laid off by prior agreement with the city. another note, the mayor, the
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city administrators, councilmembers, half of their salaries are paid for out of redevelopment dollars. it is not clear whether or how those salaries will be affected by all of this. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. san francisco's new sheriff being pressured to step aside while police investigate accusations of domestic violence against his wife. the district attorney has promised to decide whether to charge ross mirkarimi by tomorrow. >> reporter: the pressure is mounting on ross mirkarimi even a member of his transition team was among those here at city hall today calling for them to resign. step down while this investigation is underway. while that news conference was underway take a look at this, unbeknownst to anyone but photographer luke thomas of the fog city journal, mirkarimi's wife iliana lopez was in the group, listening.
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he snapped these pictures of her she was wearing dark glasses. she did not identify herself. she did not say anything. mirkarimi's attorney says she was on her way to visit him at his office here. you have to wonder what she was thinking as those women were speaking on her behalf. the demonstrators say that mirkarimi should resign or step down while he's being investigated for domestic violence. the newly elected sheriff is accused of grabbing his wife's arm and causing a bruise on new year's eve. investigators say they have the video to prove it. video taken by a neighbor. member of the domestic violence consortium say the allegations are serious. they are also incensed at the way mirkarimi has characterized the incident with his wife. he has called it a private family matter. >> we have to send a message to the people, the residents of the city and county of san francisco, that violence towards women and children is of the utmost priority and we
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cannot have elected officials who are being under investigation for these -- >> his comment was that okay, a investigation can take place, it should take place, if reported. but, that doesn't mean that a couple, all of their life has to be aired publicly. it doesn't have that scope. he's still entitled to some right of privacy. >> reporter: as we have noted, the district attorney has said he hopes to make a decision on whether to file charges in this case by tomorrow. a source has told abc7 news it is likely that misdemeanor domestic violence charges will be file. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. highway 85 at san jose back open after a bomb scare shutdown a section of the freeway for 4 1/2 hours.
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the bomb squad blew up two potential explosive on the highway after 3:00 this afternoon. it started before noon when two bank robbery suspects crashed trying to escape from police. officers say the men robbed the bank of america on snell avenue in san safe. the situation escalated because of a device used in the robbery. >> one suspect waited outside the second entered the bank with a device. we are not seeing information on what the device looked like. the threat was it was going to blow up or be detonated. the bank staff did what they are trained to do they gave the suspects money. the suspects fled. >> one of the men with was arrested at the scene of the crash. the second nearby at a high school which was on lock done for an hour today. if you haven't seen the pictures, -- traffic on highway 85 was at a standstill. our new waze traffic app shows
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things are moving normally now. this is the is a map where the incident occurred. right now from the number of people who have downloaded the waze app, traffic is no longer being diverted as it was before. when you download this app, it tells us in real-time where with you are. it helps let us know where traffic is conjested so it gives you ways to get around that traffic. if you wouldp÷-ñ like to be an traffic spotter it is free download the app at also available through itunes and the android market. surprise resignation in sacramento. executive director of california high speed rail authority has quit citing personal reasons. under his leadership the high speed rail system with won approval for construction of its first segment through the san joaquin val litch the overall project cost of the sis -- valley.
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the overall project cost of the system tripled now there's a move to scrap the idea completely. the chairman stepped down within minutes of the announcement. public utilities commission laid the blame for the san bruno pipeline explosion squarely on pg&e. accusing pg&e of violating state law, various pipeline safety regulations and accepted industry standards. the voted unanimously to open a new investigation to consider what penalties pg&e should face not only for the san bruno explosion but all past practices that may have contributed to it. pg&e issued a statement admitting its past practices were not what they should have been. saying: we have admitted these shortcomings. the company said. and are committed to raising the of pipeline safety to new higher standards. the arrest of a livermore teacher accused of having sex with a 14-year-old student is forcing school officials to reexamine the social media
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boundaries it can set. 40-year-old marie johnson will be charged tomorrow with 24 counts. investigators say johnson's relationship with that 14-year-old began with text messages, facebook postings and instant messaging. schools encourage social media contact with students. officials told us they don't have much control away from school. >> there have been recent court cases that limit us in what we can demand. teachers have certain freedoms and they can communicate with students legally outside of school. we've talked more about what is appropriate use. >> the principal called police after a student reported the allegations. johnson, a wife and mother is accused of having sex with the boy between december and may of last year. redbox is being sued by a group of people with disabilities. they say the service
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discriminates against blind people. vic lee is live with the story. >> reporter: dan, this red kiosk is the target of that federal civil rights lawsuit. the maker has a huge share of the dvd rental market. they say the company needs to cílpw$j4q the technology so blid people can rent movies too. many movies like the social network are dialogue driven. movies that the visually impaired can enjoy. >> you can enjoy large aspects of the narrative without needing to be able to see the visual aspect of the movie. >> reporter: friends and family can also help. >> if there's a nonverbal part of the movie happening, they will describe what is happening to me. >> reporter: the kiosks of the rental giant redbox are
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difficult, if not impossible to use for those who are blind and visually impaired. >> they have neither tactile buttons nor any other screen reader that would allow blind people to navigate through the kiosk. >> reporter: lisa and michael are almost totally blind. martinez is suing redbox. nunez is a lawyer who has filed the civil rights lawsuit. >> i love movies. >> reporter: for martinez and others with the same disability the touch screen is another flat surface. >> it is so important for technology, a/k/a redbox and their touch screen technology be accessible to everyone. >> reporter: martinez points to bart's ticket kiosk as an example of the system using more intuitive technology to help blind people navigate. >> in raised print so if you didn't know braille you could
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read raised principle it has it too. >> reporter: not only do these machines have tactile buttons they have verbal instructions. >> this button right here says audio. >> to begin insert coins and bills. >> reporter: martinez says her reason for filing suit is rather simple. >> i just want to be treated equal and have equal rights like my seated -- sighted peers and be able to enjoy movies. >> reporter: our calls to redbox corporate headquarters were not returned. lawyers for disability rights advocates say they did reach out to company's executives, who told them they would look into the situation. they say so far, no response. vic lee, abc7 news. still coming up, the question of privacy. livermore company may have your license plate on file and they know where you have driven your car. also, we take a boat ride with the california fish and game in search of crab
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fishermen who aren't where they belong. our dry spell may continue, temperatures will fall to more january-like levels. the forecast, coming up. local college gets a new coach. he's had an extraordinary athletic$r;jareer playing with no hands. that story and more as we cococococococococococococo
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. half a billion license plates are in one company's database. the technology is at the center of a debate over stopping crime and protecting privacy. a delicate balance that is the focus of an investigation.
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nanette miranda is live with the story itch >> reporter: -- as seen in one crime fighting tool privacy experts say laws have not caught up with technology. more and more law enforcement agencies and even private security firms are mounting high-tech cam last atop vehicles scanning license plates for stolen cars it has become a valuable tool. near the state capital a stolen car means someone is up to no good in 80% of the cases. first hit lead to an arrest. >> we tracked name one of the stores. when he was arrested they patted him down he had several pairs of shoes he shop lived in the mall. >> reporter: police officers and deputies have had similar success on the streets. a california watch investigation raises questions over how the information gathered by this tool is being used. it fond a livermore-based company called vigilant video
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has compiled a database containing half a billion license plates scanned from across the country. -- the california public interest research group works on privacy issues and says the database raises red flags it shows where people have been and with when even the innocent ones. >> when information is stored or compiled in one place, folks should be concerned. especially if they don't know about it. >> reporter: the investigation raises questions about police access to the database. they are not supposed to use information from license scanning to solve other crimes. if it is now someone else's database it is the perfect loophole to gain access. vigilant video decline add interview. the firm's president told california watch, we shouldn't hinder officers from doing their jobs. chp hopes the privacy issue doesn't take away a very valuable and effective tool. >> there's billions of dollars that are lost in a yearly basis as far as vehicles stolen and the costs an
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society -- associated. >> reporter: chp share license scans only with law enforcement. critics have similar concerns with fast track the company had information on where customers had been once a toll was paid california lawmakers made it illegal two years ago to sell that tata. nanette mir ran dark abc7 news. if you are looking for work target is going on a hiring spree for a new store in free . a three-d'affaires to fill 200 positions this -- a three-day job fair to fill 200 positions. the new fremont store opens in march. >> with the way the economy has been we are getting a high calibre of candidates. >> many of today's applicants say there aren't that many opportunities and there's a lot of competition. >> a lot of people. it is kind of hard right now.
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everybody is looking for a job. hopefully, i get one. >> the job fair also runs tomorrow and saturday from 8 to 3 at the target at newport mall in newark. on to the weather forecast. another beautiful day. >> we want some rain. >> sort of like [ inaudible ] we had at least two official reportings of 70° temperatures today. one record high tide. live view from our high-definition east bay camera back towards san francisco along the bay bridge unclear skies this evening. mild conditions in some spots getting chill there in others. let's take a look at some of today's highs, 70° in oakland, 70 santa cruz, 67 richmond ties the record high for this date in richmond. numerous mid to upper 60s in other locations around the bay
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area. now 62 oakland and san francisco. many inland locations are cooling down a tad. cooling down a lot in fairfield 43° now. cold in the valleys again tonight as it was this morning. mild afternoons next two days cooler and cloudier conditions will prevail next week. we still don't see signs of significant rainfall heading our way. satellite image shows large ridge of high pressure which we showed you last night, locked in place, dry spell continues for another week at least. the forecast animation starts 7:00 tonight we won't see much change clear skies overnight into tomorrow and the pattern for the next couple of days cold mights and mild afternoons. the mild part of that equation may disappear starting sunday. overnight lows 28 at napa, 29 santa rosa and fairfield 38 at antioch 33 livermore, 32 concord cold again especially inland. today was a spare the air day
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that alert is in effect until midnight tonight this is the 14th spare the air day of the winter season. in the south bay tomorrow high temperatures once again in the upper 60s to near 70. 68 cupertino and campbell, saratoga as well. 69 at los gatos close to 70. peninsula mid to upper 60s, 66 redwood city, menlo park. 6 mountain view and los altos. 63 pacifica, 66 half moon bay downtown san francisco high of 65 tomorrow, 63 sunset district. north bay calistoga, 66 there tomorrow, 66 also in sonoma and napa 68 santa rosa, 69 cloverdale. east bay highs 69 oakland as close as you can get to 70 without hitting 70. 67 fremont inland east bay upper 60s to 70 at pleasanton
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monterey bay numerous 70 plus readings highs of 73 watsonville, 72 salinas. cloudier and cooler starting sunday. that continues to through next week. with we still see no signs of actual rain in sight until next thursday there's a possibility of light rain mainly north bay. you know how those things tend to fizzle. >> thanks spencer. still the electricity we all waste with the chargers we have. with >> new rules to make them
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the california energy commission approved new efficiency standards for battery charges the average california household has 11 for cell phones, cameras, computers, power tools and more. most of us leave them on far lodger than we need to. nearly 2/3 of the power they consume is wasted. the standards approved today would require them to charge efficiently and stop once your device is fully charged. officials estimate the new standards will save 300 million dollars a year in wasted electricity. enough to power 350,000 homes. california officials signed a landmark agreement in the east bay today to put muscle behind a law regulating toxic chemicals allowing the epa and california department of toxic substances control to share scientific research on hazardous chemicals and
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identify safer alternatives. the goal to keep dangerous chemicals from reaching store shelves from surgical gloves to flooring. >> what will make this law the most meaningful it can be is manufacturers look ahead and say, in their own development process, let's pay attention to that list and let's not even design products with those chemicals in them to begin with. >> california is set to finalize new regulations requiring manufacturers to find safer alternatives to 3,000 toxic chemicals known to harm people and the environment. the price of orange juice could be going up. not just because of the contamination scare we've been reporting. orange futures have soared 17% in the past two days because of a freeze that has damaged citrus crops in florida. the fda has stopped shipments of all imported orange juice because of a fungicide detected in some juice from brazil. adding to the chinese new year
6:26 pm
and the premium it puts on tangerines. >> they want sweet tangerines they are bringing them in from florida almost three times the price of the california navel. >> the fda has no plans to issue an orange juice recall. offs say the fungicide levels they have found are so low they do not pose a health hazard. new, abc7's wayne freedman guess on patrol with the tpweurb and game department chasing down crabbers fishing where they shouldn't. until outrage. marine general comes to the bay area armed with a promise to get to the bottom of what is happening in this video. >> the facebook effect. how it might single handedly bail california out of a big ab -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ a crackdown underway in some of the bay area's
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protected marine areas even those who have permits are not allowed to fish. wayne freedman went out with the team looking for vials and joins us now. -- for violations and joins us now. >> reporter: they have one large boat to cover all the california oceans from here to the oregon border. when they take that boat out, they are serious. we got a good look at that today. die-hards will argue even the worst day of fishing beats most others spent onshore. for those who play fast and loose with the rules this boat can ruin a good day, fast. >> they should know we publish it. it has been on the books in this area more than a year. >> reporter: lt. roberts of the state department of fish and game they are under manned but have a knack of knowing where to go and when. this area is the state marine preserve, fish and game has intelligence of illegal commercial crab pots out there. this time of year, hundreds if
6:31 pm
not thousands of crab buoys bob on the water. the preserve off limits. fish and game has right to pull any pot. more than once today, fish and game found what they were looking for a string of illegal pots from one boat. they came up with identification and laden with crab. >> set in the closure and actively fished, fresh bait, crab. >> reporter: that is game warden, he threw the crabs back after photographing them. that's not all he did >> we where going to come board you. >> reporter: boardings are routine violations don't materialize, inside the three mile limit, fish and game goes looking for them. here's where the good day of fishing turned bad. measurements showed two of the 20 crabs they caught were undersized. larry told us he has fished all his life this is the first time he's ever been cited.
6:32 pm
with the two-man crew that limits the mystery. they did catch one break today. >> i'm going to leave you with those. the two are going to be retained as evidence. >> reporter: seized and frozen. bad day for the men, worse for those two crabs. the only good news for this crew today, fish and game, which does play by the rules found them just 50 feet outside the restricted area. >> legal is legal like shore to shore, legal is legal. >> reporter: speaking of legal, fish and game will be taking these violations seriously. the small crabs will result in a ticket that will be sent to the san mateo county d.a.. as for the pots, that's a bigger case also going to the district attorney's office. fines are at the judge's discretion. wayne freedman, abc7 news. the pentagon is promising a full investigation into a videotaped incident where
6:33 pm
marines are seen urinating on the corals of taliban fighters in afghanistan. -- corpses of taliban fighters in afghanistan. the picture was taken last year. top level obama officials are outraged by what they've seen. >> it is absolutely inconsistent with american values, with the standards of behavior that we expect from our military personnel. >> a general speaking at the memorial club in san francisco today echoed secretary clinton and promised the men will be dealt with. >> does not fit with the corp values of courage, honor and commitment. in no uncertain terms our commandant will investigate and we'll find out what happened and get to the bottom of it. >> afghan president hamid karzai is demanding the u.s. government investigate and severely punish those responsible. the taliban calls the video shameful but says it will not delay peace talks.
6:34 pm
national security experts say if the video is real the marines could be charged with violating the code of military justice. solyndra has asked for permission to hand out half a million dollars in bonuses. solyndra closed and laid off 1100 workers after burning through more than 500 million dollars in government guaranteed loans. solyndra's lawyers are asking a judge to approve $500,000 in bonuses, of 10 to $50,000 each to retain the few people it has left. in tonight's money matters, earnings warning from chevron. the oil giant says its profit margins are dwindling at gasoline sales and refineries on the gulf coast. plus a major shutdown at the richmond refinery means 3rd quarter earnings will be below last year. retailers had record sales last year. 4.7 trillion in sales up 8% the largest increase in more
6:35 pm
than a decade in december alone retailers took in 400 billion the highest monthly total ever. target confirmed today it will open several apple boutiques inside 25 of its existing stores. they will be staffed by apple employees in those traditional blue shirts. shoulds electronic sales and open new avenues for apple. great recession has taken a toll on the golden state's economy. california's economic output last year was 1.9 trillion the 9th largest economy in the world sounds great, right? 10 years ago we were number six. state officials are counting on facebook to offset the state's budget woes. they are anticipating facebook will announce plans to take its stock public this year if that happens the capital gains tax paid on deal will do wonders for the state's nine billion dollar budget deficit.
6:36 pm
>> it is something that we've tried to take into account already building in some of that likely greater than average ipo-related revenue. we are going to be taking a look at that when we come out in february we'll speak more to it. >> facebook ipo predicted to be the largest initial public offering of an internet company on record. the company is expected to reach a billion users sometime this spring. just ahead, the rangeal story of the new football coach at menlo college. gifted ex-athlete with a winning attitude, despite his ñ"
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coming home to coach football at machine low college in atherton. tonight -- at machine low college in atherton. >> reporter: mark posed for the photo-op and talked on point about being menlo college's new head football coach. >> wherever i've been, we've won. i think football winning is important to me. that's the bottom line. the way it should be. >> reporter: his coaching philosophy and his outlook on life are ed by many things. including, the fact that he was without hands. >> i was one of the youngest people in the united states to get fitted for hooks. age 14, i said that's it i'm not wearing them ever again. >> reporter: returning to this campus is a home coming of
6:40 pm
sorts for the coach. he group up in belmont and played two seasons at menlo college. the man who signed him up a linebacker decade ago was at today's news conference he shared how he overcame the odds with dedication and humor. >> joke for years he got called once for holding and 15 yard penalty and it has denied and all that. i know as a fact he did hold the guy with his forearm. >> reporter: he went on to coach football for 34 years. the last 17 at will met university in oregon. he has earned reputation for fastz maneuvers former players rave about the man and coach. >> he's a for the game. obviously, -- he's a generous for the game. obviously, harbaugh and the 49ers are using some of his plays. >> reporter: his players say they are eager to embrace his
6:41 pm
no excuses attitude. >> we are all ready to start winning. >> reporter: no we winning is important to the coach also clear his legacy will be much more. >> you walk in all these buildings, they are all named for somebody who put their money up, i'm not going to be that guy. you can give back to your college in a lot of ways. it is important to be a good alum i'm - grateful i have a chance to do this. >> reporter: in atherton, karina rusk, abc7 news. we'll see how the 9ers do with his plays this weekend. the mayor promises that candlestick lights will stay on. >> also, a rise to nowhere to help battle one of the biggest killers in america, stay with us.
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[ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity: the subway big hot pastrami melt. dive into piled-high pastrami, spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. treat your taste buds to a fresh toasted subway big hot pastrami melt. subway. eat fresh. next month hundreds of bay area riders will hop on stationary bikes to raise money for cancer research. cancers are all categorized as rare put together they effect tens of thousands, including
6:45 pm
children. carolyn johnson has the story. >> reporter: courtney is warming up for a ride that is still weeks away motivation isn't a problem. >> i was diagnosed with a rare cancer when i was 25. at there is no cycle for survivor to help. >> reporter: the event she is training for is called cycle for survival started by her college roommate who also developed a rare form of cancer. courtney survived, jennifer did not. >> jennifer passed away in july of 2011. this will be the first year that we do cycle without her. >> reporter: five years ago the women formed the indoor fundraising ride that is staged in major cities across the country. the health club in san francisco is hosting the bay area event. >> we will have 100 cycles. our fitness club will become like a big cycle studio.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: buddy leads the four hour ride. >> there are things we do, climbing hills, sprint,hvñ)p&hcs fun. great. >> reporter: teams recruit sponsors. so far the event has raised more than nine million dollars for clinical trials into what are known as rare cancers. ucsf researcher doctor says funding for those cancers is typically a fraction watch is spent on better known diseases. >> the efforts that are being deployed on behalf of breast cancer are dwarf everything else. same with prostate cancer. >> >> reporter: organizers are still reclute -- recruiting teams and riders she joined because of her family's history with rare cancer. >> it is surprising there are many of the ones we know -- [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: tracy and
6:47 pm
courtney are hoping this event continues to grow with >> there's no limit. it can be something that happens in every major city. >> reporter: carolyn johnson, abc7 news. the ride takes place saturday february 4th. there's a link on and click on see it on tv. a winter bad by alaska's standards continues to 2o+ter the state. snow continueded to fall encore dough have today, 172 inches has fallen since november. snow shovel makes -- makers are shipping emergency shovels to the city. anchorage had 88 inches as of today. if this keeps up it will have its snowest winter ever breaking the record of 133 inches set in the winter of 1955. they are really battling it in alaska. >> you saw the different teen those little shovels and those big scoopers, they need them.
6:48 pm
>> wish we can ship some of that to the sierra. >> we need it. >> here's how this afternoon's sunset looked. another beautiful sunset which took place officially at 5:11 this afternoon. on we go to tomorrow's conditions, statewide sunny and mild, mild in the southern part of the state coast high san diego 74, palm spweupblgs springs and here in the bay area mile as well with highs in the upper 60s in most inland locations up to 71 at santa cruz. we are going to have a mild friday january 13th. here's the accuweather seven day, mild through saturday then a sharp cool down sunday more clouds around starting sunday with temperatures dropping off sharply but still no rain in sight. tomorrow is friday the 13th. which means saturday will be the 14th. >> nothing about black cats. >> no shocking revelations.
6:49 pm
>> all right. san francisco mayor ed lee says 49er fans can rest assured lights will stay on for the playoff game this weekend. the 49ers and saints face off this saturday in the first game to be played at the park since those two embarrassing blackouts last month. mayor lee says members of the public utility commission's electrical division will be at the game to prevent another blackout. pg&e crews have replaced more than 8,000 feet of electrical line at the stadium. >> they've tested and retested the switch within the stadium. we predict there will be no faults. >> cell phone towers were clogged with activity during the blackout that made it impossible to get a wireless signal. the mayor says at&t has fixed that problem and promises to increase cell phone coverage for the upcoming game. officials have to go to
6:50 pm
the game. no pressure on jim harbaugh. we'll hear from him, next. >> larry is live with the war tonight. >> reporter: the warriors will try to beat how war the magic tonight the other -- howard of the magic tonight. the other side of the story they are trying to tried for howard. sports coming up live, next..... f
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john me tonight at 9:00 on cable if you can cooling down room temperature drinks in five minutes and using your ipad to close year garage door. at 11, the san jose bank robbery that turned into a bomb scare. you are going to hear from a good samaritan who got there before police and took matters into his own hands. hope you join us tonight at 9:00 and 11. larry beale raced out of here and made it to the east bay just in time. >> reporter: two nights ago oracle arena was electric as warriors upset lebron james and the miami heat they would like to sleigh another nba giant with -- like to slay
6:54 pm
another nba giant. he's asked to be traded he's produced a wish list of teams he would like to be traded to. presently, to our understanding the warriors are not on that wish list. that's where we bring in larry reilly the general manager of the warriors it is his job to get on dwight howard's list. i was in the locker room earlier, i didn't notice a gift basket or chocolates, what happened there? >> well, we can't really go into details with any of this kind of thing. i don't comment on players on other teams. the own thing i can tell you is that we are working on our own team. our decorative is we want to improve our team. we'll investigate everything that we can to make the warriors a class franchise. >> reporter: i know you would very much like to avoid a $100,000 tampering fine while we do this interview so i understand you can't specifically talk about dwight
6:55 pm
howard. let's talk about the overall perception of the warriors within the league and how would you like to change perceptions and make this franchise a destination. >> as we talk to general managers and people around the league i think it has started to change. it has been helpful we have new ownership. they've been willing to make changes. they've upgraded a lot within the organization. we are seeing some of the results around the league. we would at some point like to be able to make another move and add a good player to this team and take it to the next level. >> reporter: dwight howard wouldn't be a bad guy to afpld as far as tonight's game, a guy you would love to have guarding howard is not available, a couple key injuries here, kwame brown got injured a couple nights ago against miami this is much more serious than first thought. he's going to be out three months after surgery? >> it would appear that way we'll have a better idea one
6:56 pm
the surgery is over. it is one of those things that it is really a shame because he was getting better every game. i spent six years trying to come up with a sizeable person in the middle who could defend and rebound and take up some space. he was doing a great job. it is a blow to him and us because he was the guy mark jackson had counted on to anchor our post defense. >> reporter: surgery for kwame brown. when i come into the arena, more bad news, durell wright best game of the season, he's not going to play tonight. >> banged knees with dwayne wade middle of the third quarter. his knee is tender, sore, and so he's going to be day-to-day. he will not play tonight. i'm hopeful this is a short term thing. that he will recover nicely and we can get him back on the floor soon. >> reporter: this would be my chance to get minutes with this club larry.
6:57 pm
it is down to desperation, that's why i thought i would have a shot. >> you are taller than nate robinson. >> reporter: i appreciate the time. larry reilly, always a pleasure see you later in the season. the warriors getting set for the magic. let's talk 49ers football as they get set for the new orleans saints and the first playoff appearance since 2002. all right, the saints come to town and they are four point favorites over the 49ers. that's a wrap from the oracle arena, we have a ton of hoops highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. that is this edition for abc7 news. >>s%ç for the entire news team, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time see you at 9:00 and 11! -dad, why are you getting that? -that'my cereal. is there a prize in there?
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